Gambling is inevitably an important part of Australian entertainment. In fact, Australian bookmakers betting on sporting events, online casinos and lotteries, among other things, are fairly common. According to Problem Gambling, at least 70 percent of the country’s population engaged in any of the aforementioned forms of gambling.

One of the most popular varieties of online gambling in Australia is sports betting. In actuality, this industry is raking millions of dollars in annual revenues. Traditionally, Aussie gamblers bet on male sporting events. They say that the results of men’s sports can easily be anticipated. This being said, trying one’s luck in women’s sporting events is also getting quite popular recently.

Betting on Women’s Sports

Among the cited reasons why there is a sudden popularity in this form of gamble are the female athletes. Men can’t resist looking at athletic and outdoorsy women. In addition, they have a proclivity for sports that highlight beautiful women.

Like the men’s sports, some believe that the outcome of women’s sports is predictable. For instance, the German and American teams are most likely to have the upper hand in the World Cup. Another example is women’s tennis. If Serena Williams is playing in the competition, it is distinctly possible that she will dominate the event.

The recently concluded Australian Open showed the interest of punters on women’s sports. The early favorites were Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka. However, the game wrapped up with Angelique Kerber defeating the front runner Serena Williams.

Australia’s Women’s Sports Betting Culture

Despite the increasing interest of punters on women’s sports, there is a poor turnout of companies offering this type of gambling. As a matter of fact, the Australian Open is probably the only women’s sporting event in the country that cashed in handsome revenues this year.

Last year’s women’s FIFA World Cup had also the same punters’ turnout. According to Sports International Magazine, the biggest women’s tournament in the world only attracted a little less than 14 percent of online gambling companies.

ABC reported that businessmen see the women’s sports betting industry as an untapped market. Even if there’s a high engagement rate and good media coverage, women’s sports betting in the country must be re-positioned in a more interesting manner. This way, stakeholders, punters and the general public will be more drawn into it.