Are 4×4 Rims Expensive in Australia?

With the pass of the years, more brand new vehicles and cars appeared in the global market, and some of them became very popular among the enthusiast since they count with outstanding features in every single terrain that exists unlike regular vehicles that won’t hold in these hard circumstances and temperatures, we call this vehicles 4×4 machines, or just 4×4 cars, there are lots of them, trucks, SUVs, and other ones that are perfect for those that work or drive around off the road terrains that will make the most out of the wheels and rims of traditional vehicles.

One of these countries or zones that love 4×4 vehicles is Australia for its multiple environments and ecosystems, but there is a big problem, 4×4 rims tend to be expensive? Is this true? Let’s discover it in today’s article, stay tuned to learn more about this interesting topic.


Are 4×4 Rims Expensive in Australia?

In simple words, yes, they are a little expensive in Australia, but the reason behind this price tags is a very reasonable one, however, if you are someone that is not interested in this kind of deep explanations you don’t have to worry since you just need to understand the 2 main reasons why these 4×4 rims are expensive in Australia when you compared to other countries prices, so let’s begin.


Reason #1: Imports are not Australia Tough Point.


There are lots of good things to do in Australia and overall, if you can adjust easily to the culture, it’s a good place to live! However, you will deal with a pretty big problem with some technological and life changing products like these 4×4 rims, import prices are very expensive and high, this is mainly because Australia is located in a very difficult location, and shipping fees are very high when you compare it to other countries, and also there is the fact that Australia doesn’t coun with official 4×4 rims retailers inside its territory, which forces the population to buy imports rims to maintain their vehicles, however, the situation is slowly changing, some retailers like OzzyTyres are finally making the first step on finishing deals with 4×4 rims and making them more “imports-free” which is a good development on the market.

Reason #2: 4×4 Rims are not Tiny or Small, They are Big and Massive in some cases.


This may sound confusing to some people, however, this point is pretty important when it comes to the price tag of these 4×4 mag wheels and rims since their form factor is very big, the price will go up for the relationship of the previous point which was the import and shipping fees, if you add to that problem the measures of these rims then prepare to leave your wallet empty, to the point of even needing to sell the wallet to pay for the rims because their size is what is making them very difficult to pay and obtain for a fair price, sadly, this phenomenon only affects countries or locations that deals with these import problems because in countries where this is not so considered, the prices are still high but they are much better.