Best long term stays in Brisbane

Looking for the best long term stays Brisbane? Maybe you are a student seeking a convenient place to stay for a longer period? Or you are a professional moving to the city of Brisbane for official or business trips? If yes, you are in the right place. Brisbane features a number of residential apartments located near attraction sites as well as social amenities. Many of these iconic stays have been there since the early 1950s. They are unique and offer a comfortable place to stay for a longer period.

The article below gives the best stays around the city of Brisbane.


This residential area is located near the central business district allowing easy accessibility to the city Centre. Transport links are wide here with a train station right next to the Milton area. Padding is quite affordable and offers a wide variety of amenities such as malls, schools, fitness centers, parks, eateries, cinemas and more. The crime rates are low here with a high level of security. From small apartments to bigger ones, this area can comfortably accommodate any budget.

Kangaroo Point

Located near the shores of Brisbane river, these apartments are ideal for people who want to get into the city easily. It’s common for tourists since it allows one to enjoy scenic views of the great city. Depending on your budget, there are many high-rise residential apartments and houses, particularly near the peninsula.

West End

The west end is another upscale suburb near the city center. The majority of the stays here comprise of houses with a few high-rise apartments. These apartments are also quite affordable as compared to other districts around Brisbane.

Fortitude Valley

This place is ideal for business people due to the unique facilities and social amenities offered. The prices of these apartments are quite high just like accommodation in the city center. However, the eminence and spaciousness of these contemporary apartments are on another level.

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