Image and Profile in Athletic Sport Recognition

The recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympics was, indeed, full of spectacle and controversies. There are issues regarding the Olympic village and with the athletes as well. Probably one of the most talked athletes was American swimmer Ryan Lochte. His image was marred because of the hullabaloo he created.

Australian athletes also made headlines during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Nine sportsmen were inculpated for falsification of documents. Although not clearly at fault, the athletes apologized for their deportment.

Because of the stated points at issue, one could not think whether the athletes still deem their image and profile as important or not. The things that happened are not the kind of things that photographers can Photoshop, just like in escort photography.

 Athletes as Role Models

Today’s women can now appreciate their body image and play to their strengths, thanks to the Olympics.

It is pretty common for women to lie about their weight when asked about it. But if you’ll look at the built of women athletes from the recent Rio Olympics, you’ll feel buoyed up to appreciate your own body; that you have to look for ways on how you can harness your body’s potential rather than how slim you can be.

The image of an athlete is important for them. For instance, most, if not all, male athletes are lean and muscular. It is because of the way how the society paints the perfect image of a man. No wonder that sportsmen use steroids, just so they can polish up their appearance. In effect, men bulk up to achieve an athlete’s look.

Reputation and Brand of Athletes

Athletes are using social media in building their brand and also in improving their image and profile. However, social media is a double-edged sword. It can either make or break one’s career.

There are only a few athletes who are using social media right. Those who are fully aware that they are a brand do a great job in controlling their image. This being said, embracing social media has its pitfalls. Therefore, one should embrace it with proper mentality. Once you put something out there, even if you managed to take it back, it will always be there. Sooner or later, it will haunt you and most likely hurt your image.