Great Australian Sporting Kitchens

The kitchen is the engine room for every athlete, it is where we refuel and load up on the necessary carbs to break those world and Commonwealth records. However, it is also more than that, it needs to inspire those who wish to tread the boards of sporting greatness to look after themselves. To make sure that nutritionally we are sound and able to cope with the rigours of competing at the highest level. A great Australian sporting kitchen must be a place where good ingredients come together with a passion for good cooking.

Great Australian Sporting Kitchens

Some of the best athletes in Queensland and around the nation are now eating organic food predominantly. They want the certainty of knowing that the things they are putting inside their bodies are pure, with no toxins or pollutants. They are prepared to pay a little extra to get the very best for their bodies. They are taught that your body is a temple and should not be desecrated with fast foods and other crap. If you want to be the best at what you do, reward your physical self with the very best stuff.

Great Australian sporting kitchens may require a whole new approach to the realm of culinary preparation. Out goes the microwave and in comes bench space, where homecooks can make amazingly fresh organic salads. Kitchen facelifts are happening around the country, as athletes prioritise the importance of eating right. Kitchen facelifts in Adelaide and Brisbane, in Sydney and Melbourne, in Perth and in Hobart. When you walk into your kitchen you want it to make you feel excited about cooking and preparing meals. It needs to speak to your soul and enthuse you to rattle the pans.

It may sound funny to say this but you can also warm up for training with a vigorous session in the kitchen. Real cooking can stretch you physically, as it involves bending and moving about. When you are really cooking you are chopping and stirring, you are washing and cleaning, and plating up. Movement is happening constantly, there is very little standing still. Cooking is not a sedentary and unhealthy pursuit. When you have a dream kitchen where you can extend your culinary abilities the sky is the limit. Great Australian sporting kitchens are full of space and brilliant design features. The surfaces are natural, whether wood, stone or steel. It is a tactile experience and it demands your best.