Choosing A Wedding Headpiece – The Right Way

If you are put on only allowing specific wedding headpieces in Australia for your wedding or might prefer bigger creations to be left in your home, be certain your guests aware of this as soon you can. Guests will have to understand any dress code requirements at least six weeks before the wedding day.

Bear in mind, you’re wearing the hat rather than the other way round. Be confident but select a style that ultimately you are comfortable in and can wear all day. Also, don’t forget to choose something which matches your shape and height. If you are tall prevent tall hats and go for wider brims. If you are short avoid huge hats and go for smaller structured creations.

The mother of the groom should always pick a smaller wedding gown compared to the mother of the bride. This is a set rule across all social circumstances that dictates that guests shouldn’t out-shine their hosts. In the event you and your groom are hosting the wedding then both mums can opt for both grand creations.

Do Not Block the Shot
Make certain that your guests wear hats that don’t drown their shoulders and head in pictures. Ask the photographer to remind guests to correct their hats for group photos so that their faces are clearly visible.

When accessorising a hatband, or really your bridal headpiece, with flowers, feathers or any other embellishment, bear in mind that traditionally women decorate hats on the side. The opposite to that of men who always stick to the left.

Bigger isn’t Always Better
The time of day your guests are wearing their hat should directly impact on their choice of headwear. As a guideline, the size of the hat should decrease as the day progresses. Massive brims in the morning or evening are considered overly extravagant as there is no demand for them when the sun isn’t out.