Picking The Right Hair Stylist

If you like your appearance and you’ve got a fantastic relationship with your stylist, do what I did and have them write down how they implemented it. I keep mine on my phone so it is handy when I attempt a new salon.


Bring photos.

This seems obvious but still has to be said. If you’ve had not had a cut, style, or color in some time, bring photos in your phone of the last time that your hair was coiffed to the gods. Point out what you enjoyed about the appearance to the stylist you are working with, otherwise, they will only be going by what you have when you sit down in the seat.


Finding a new stylist is not just about their gift, it is about how the two of you vibe together. If you do not feel comfortable speaking up, or feel like your stylist is not hearing your feedback, you are probably not going to be pleased with the final outcome. If you call to make an appointment, tell them it is your first time and you’d love to talk to the stylist — and show up early. If you really feel as they do not get you, or they are rushing you to receive your hair washed without even feeling your feel first, it is totally fine to cancel and leave. Just be sure that you’re upfront about this prior to going in, as a few salons may attempt to charge you for your time.  We recommend Rokstar, who are hairdressers in west end.


This isn’t the time to experiment.

You will need to work together to develop trust and get into a groove. Treat your stylist just like any new relationship. When I first saw Jean in Otto & Grand to get a cut and colour, I asked for a simple trim and for her to stick to the specific color formula my previous stylist used. It came out perfectly, and from there we moved on to additional appointments where we played with the colour, trying a pink gloss and a longer look.